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Traffic hour at Central City.

Central City (セントラルシティー Sentroraru Shiti) is a location of planet Seven Tier and where the first stages of both Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles take place.

This ring-shaped city is the capital of Seven Tier and the largest city on the planet. The upper levels of its center are reserved for administrative activities, and the lower levels for public affairs, while the surrounding area is made up of civilian housing, markets, manufacturing, and terminals. A highway wraps around the entire area with gates leading outside the city.

Ginga Force[]

During the events of Ginga Force, Central City is where the first chapter takes place. During their first time on duty, Alex Heatburn and his partner Margaret Whitetail are assigned to stop Jack Anderson, who committed an armed robbery in Central Avenue.

After neutralizing Jack's armed vehicle, another MSS group apprehended Jack.

Natsuki Chronicles[]

Central City is also where the first stage of Natsuki Chronicles takes place. 3 Years before the events of Ginga Force, the new RDF pilot, Natsuki Sugiura is assigned to stop Todd, a member of a criminal group who was transporting illegal weapons.

During her battle with Todd, Natsuki is ordered to kill him since RDF's Field Division took the criminal group and his arrest was no longer needed.

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