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EV-H18 Rhino

The EV-H18 Rhino (ライノ Raino), also known as "Hanger", is a mechanical vehicle from Ginga Force. It is the first stage boss and is piloted by Jack Anderson.

The original purpose of the EV-H18 is of a construction mech, the modifications done by Jack turned this General Work machine into a booster equipped aircraft capable of fight using anything like small unmanned vehicles as weapon and shield to attack its enemies and protect itself. In the boss battle, the Rhino is equipped with two large cannons and is capable of ram against its enemies, hence its name.


  • The name comes from the Rhinoceros.
  • A glitch can be triggered if the player destroy both boosters at the same time during the first encounter (using the Stop Special Weapon). When both boosters are destroyed simultaneously, the player will be unable to destroy the mechanical arm in the second encounter and the game will lock in the third one where the player has to destroy the other booster because the game will not count the early destroyed booster, making impossible to proceed to the boss battle.