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Genzo Shigeta (シゲタ・ゲンゾウ Shigeta Genzou) is an antagonist from Ginga Force. He is the third male character and fifth opponent in the game.

He was the boss of the Septonium Mine 6 located in Oleydeth. However, his passion for his job caused a problem when the mine was being closed down.

He pilots the EV-V05 Flying Mole when he fights the Enforcer.


  • Chapter 5 Now Loading Screen
    • 「ギンガフォース!!」(Ginga Fōsu) (Ginga Force!!)
  • Random off-voice when Story Mode is selected
    • 「ストーリーモード!」(Sutōrī Mōdo) (Story Mode!)
  • Random off-voice when Gallery Mode is selected
    • 「ギャラリーモード!」(Gararī Mōdo) (Gallery Mode!)
  • Random off-voice when Score Attack is selected
    • 「スコアアタック!」(Sukoa Atakku) (Score Attack!)
  • Random off-voice when Option is selected
    • 「オプション!」(Opushon) (Option!)



  • Genzo is 52 years old and he's 1,60m tall.
  • He is the first Ginga Force character, only male and antagonist to have a japanese name.
  • Like the other characters of the game, his voice samples for the Main Menu are unlocked once you've finished their respective chapter, in Genzo's case is Chapter 5.
  • Hershey, the Stage 3 boss from Natsuki Chronicles borrows some similarities with Genzo as he's a worker with a weaponized machine.