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Jack Anderson (ジャック Jyaku) is a character from Ginga Force.

He is the first male antagonist and first target of the game. Jack is a robber who steals for a living, using the armed mecha EV-H18 Rhino, he commits his crimes to survive.


  • Chapter 1 Now Loading Screen
    • 「ギンガフォース」(Ginga Fōsu) (Ginga Force)
  • Random off-voice when Story Mode is selected
    • 「ストーリーモード」(Sutōrī Mōdo) (Story Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Gallery Mode is selected
    • 「ギャラリーモード」(Gararī Mōdo) (Gallery Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Score Attack is selected
    • 「スコアアタック」(Sukoa Atakku) (Score Attack)
  • Random off-voice when Option is selected
    • 「オプション」(Opushon) (Option)
  • Chapter 1
    • Heh, you really think you can keep up with me?
    • Tch, sweeping in from the side, eh? You won't catch me!
    • Oh? Where've ya been all this time? Weren't you trying to capture me? Go home.
    • Damn, shields are down!
  • Boss Fight
    • Hmph, you really thought I was just trying to lose you guys?
    • This is the part where you kiss your ass goodbye.
    • Tch, took one out, did ya?
    • Well, I'm not even close to done!
    • Tch, we ain't done yet.
    • Take this!
    • Dammit, I ain't gettin' caught. I don't care if I have to drag you to hell with me!
    • Aaarghhh! - (Defeated)


  • He is 26 years old and is 1,74m tall.
  • Jack was the Allied reporting name of the Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden".
  • Jack's menu voice samples are unlocked after clearing Chapter 1
  • Todd, the first boss in Natsuki Chronicles shares some similarities with Jack. Both have red detailings in their hair and both commits crimes to earn a living.