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Joan Fuan is an antagonist from Ginga Force. He is the fourth male character and sixth opponent of the game.

He is a rich man who owns villas and private space shuttles. He doesn't care of the price of things due to his wealth. He was captured by the MSS Enforcer when he was hijacking a space shuttle, but he was released from his captivity when Specia took control of the Enforcer.

He operates the GT-D620 Hercules during the boss fight.


  • Chapter 6 Now Loading Screen
    • 「ギンガフォース」(Ginga Fōsu) (Ginga Force)
  • Random off-voice when Story Mode is selected
    • 「ストーリーモード」(Sutōrī Mōdo) (Story Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Gallery Mode is selected
    • 「ギャラリーモード」(Gararī Mōdo) (Gallery Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Score Attack is selected
    • 「スコアアタック」(Sukoa Atakku) (Score Attack)
  • Random off-voice when Option is selected
    • 「オプション」(Opushon) (Option)



  • Fuan is 56 years old and he's 1,29.3m tall, making him the shortest character in the Ginga Force universe.
  • He is also the only character with a chinese surname.
  • Fuan's scheme of hijacking a Magni Corp. shuttle was later mirrored by Bill in Natsuki Chronicles, who attempts to hijack a Magni train.