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Cover for the Rebirth Edition of Judgement Silversword.

Judgement Silversword (ジャッジメント シルバーソード Jajjimento Shirubāsōdo) is a vertical scroll shooter developed by Qute for the Bandai WonderSwan Color.


Judgement Silversword was created by independent Japanese designer "M-KAI". It was programmed using the WonderWitch, a software development kit produced by Qute that allowed consumers to produce homebrew software for the WonderSwan hardware family using C+ language. To promote the kit's release, Qute held a contest where programmers had to use it to make a game for the system, the winners having their games published as official releases. Judgement Silversword was one of the winning games, alongside M-KAI's sister project Cardinal Sins, both of which Qute published in Japan.

M-KAI released Judgement Silversword as a freeware demo on his personal website in 2001. The retail version was released by Qute on February 2, 2004 with the subtitle Rebirth Edition - due to Bandai discontinuing the WonderSwan family a year prior, Qute produced a limited print run of 500 copies, making it one of the rarest WonderSwan games released and commanding high prices in the second hand market.

The 2011 Xbox 360 game Eschatos includes both Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins as extras. The original was digitally re-released for Windows via Steam in 2015, under the title Judgement Silversword - Resurrection.




Judgement Silversword - Rebirth Edition - (Longplay)


  • Judgement Silversword's development lasted a month and a half.
  • The game is believed to be inspired by Treasure's 1998 arcade game Radiant Silvergun, The name and logo style are very similar.
  • The logo styles of Judgement Force Tiger and Dragon from Ginga Force are based on Silversword's logo.