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Margaret Whitetail (マーガレット・ホワイトテール Māgareto Howaitotēru), is the female protagonist of Ginga Force.

Together with Alex Heatburn, they are soldiers from the Central City branch of Mitsurugi Security Service and they are the pilots of the Enforcer ship "Hound 1", which the player controls.

In Natsuki Chronicles, they're the boss of Stage 7 "Space Elevator".

During the "Memory" segments in Natsuki Chronicles, setted 4 years prior to the events of Ginga Force, it is revealed that Margaret befriend Natsuki Sugiura, a pilot of the Rapid Deployment Force during the MSS Induction Class.

In the XBOX One release of Natsuki Chronicles she's named Margarette.

Vehicles piloted by Margaret[]


Ginga Force[]

  • Title Screen / Chapter 7 Now Loading Screen
    • 「ギンガフォース」(Ginga Fōsu) (Ginga Force)
  • Random off-voice when Story Mode is selected
    • 「ストーリーモード! 」(Sutōrī Mōdo) (Story Mode!)
  • Random off-voice when Gallery Mode is selected
    • 「ギャラリーモード」(Gararī Mōdo) (Gallery Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Score Attack is selected
    • 「スコアアタック」(Sukoa Atakku) (Score Attack)
  • Random off-voice when Option is selected
    • 「オプション」(Opushon) (Option)
  • Rank S
    • 「やったわ! 大成功ね! 」(Yattawa! Daiseikoune!) (You did it! What a great success!)
  • Rank A
    • 「なかなかいいんじゃないの?」(Nakanaka ī n janai no?) (That was pretty good wasn't it?)
  • Rank B
    • 「まあまあってところね」(Māmātte tokoro ne) (It's pretty good)
  • Rank C
    • 「次はもう少し頑張りましょう」(Tsugi wa mōsukoshi ganbarimashō) (Let's do it better next time.)
  • Mission Failed (Chapters 1 to 6)
    • 「見事に失敗だわ」(Migoto ni shippai da wa) (We've completely failed.)
    • 「犯人の完全に取り乱したわ」(Han'nin no kanzen ni torimidashita wa) (I was distraught by the criminal.)
  • Mission Failed (Chapters 7 & 8)
    • 「何てこと?私達にはもう何もできないの?」 (Nanite koto? Watashitachi ni wa mō nani mo dekinai no?) (What's this? Is there nothing more we can do?)
  • Mission Failed (Chapters 9 & 10)
    • 「何てこと?もう駄目なの?」(Nanite koto? Mō damena no?) (What was that? It's not good?)

Natsuki Chronicles (XBOX One)[]

  • I'm sorry, Natsuki. (Turning Point / Stage 7)
  • The fate of Seven Tier hangs in the balance. (Turning Point / Stage 7)
  • Are you in the induction class, too? - (Memory 1)
  • My name is Margarette. I want to join the Security Force. - (Memory 1)
  • The Rapid Deployment Force! You must aim really high if you want to join an elite force like RDF. - (Memory 1)
  • I'm totally the same! Let's do the best we can then. - (Memory 1)
  • But you know, I didn't expect that we'd do on-field training on the first day... - (Memory 1)
  • C'mon, let's get going! - (Memory 1)


Ginga Force[]

Natsuki Chronicles[]



  • Margaret is 24 years old and she's 1,61m tall.
  • Her last name, Whitetail, is a reference to her hair color and the ponytail.
  • She's the first female character in order of appearance and the second in Natsuki Chronicles.
  • Rising Star Games' localization of Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles calls her "Margaret", and what's more ironic is that the staff roll of Natsuki Chronicles clearly says "Margarette".
  • Yukino Umesato put an end to the mystery confirming her name is indeed "Margaret".


  • The correct spelling is "Margaret". It seems that fluctuations have occurred when translating into multiple languages. We apologize for the misunderstanding because it was a word that was easily shaken. - Yukino Umesato answering a fan mail.