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XBOX One poster for Natsuki Chronicles.

Natsuki Chronicles (ナツキクロニクル Natsuki Kuronikuru) is a shoot'em up game developed by Qute Corporation in 2015 and finally released on December 25th, 2019 on the XBOX One after a 4-year delay on its development.

It is a prequel and in-betweener of Ginga Force as the game events take place from before to during those of Ginga Force.


The game takes place 3 years before the boss battle with Natsuki Sugiura and the Garm in Ginga Force. Starting from Natsuki's first mission with the RDF as the new rookie in the team up to the confrontation with Alex and Margaret, now seen from Natsuki's point of view. After her defeat, she realizes the truth of Magni Corp., the MSS and the RDF and makes a decision of going against them in order to save Seven Tier.


Rapid Deployment Force[]

Mitsurugi Security Service[]





PlayStation 4 and PC Release[]

The company Rising Star Games announced the localization of Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles for the PlayStation 4 and the PC via Steam with August 28th as their release dates, both were changed to simply 2020, probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Ginga Force was released in July 3rd in Japan and September 24th worldwide, the release date for Natsuki Chronicles wasn't mentioned except for a "Fall 2020" release. However, the game wasn't released on 2020, making a 2021 release more plausible.

In January 14th 2021, First Press Games announced the "Regular" and "Collector's Edition" releases for both Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles and a Special Bundle with both games included. They're scheduled for the second quarter of the year.

Qute announced the game will be released in Japan on February 18th. On February 17th, Rising Star Games announced the game will be released on the same day as Japan. Since February 18th, the game is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Compatibility with XBOX Series X|S and PlayStation 5[]

Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming XBOX Series X/Series S will be compatible with previous XBOX consoles, and 100% compatible with all XBOX One games, so Natsuki Chronicles is fully playable on XBOX Series X|S.

Also, with Sony's confirmation of the PlayStation 5's compatibility with PS4 games, both Natsuki Chronicles and Ginga Force are playable on PS5.

On February 17th, Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that Natsuki Chronicles is playable on PS4 and PS5.



Arcade Mode[]


Longplay (Normal)


Longplay (Hard)


Longplay (Extreme)

Chronicles Mode[]


Stage 1 & Training Stage 1 (English)


Stage 1 & Training Stage 1 (Japanese)


Stage 2 (Japanese)


Stage 3 & Training Stage 2


Stage 4 (Japanese)


  • The game's original name was Natsuki Chronicle.
  • During the game's development days, the ship silhouette above the logo resembled the Enforcer, which was later replaced with the Dominator.
  • Due to its place within Ginga Force's continuity, the game has been nicknamed as "Interquel", "Spin-off" and "Expansion Pack".
  • While the upcoming PS4 and PC ports have the game logo translated and the katakana below it, the XBOX One release has the original japanese logo.
  • The version released for the XBOX One is Ver. while the PS4/PC is Ver., currently the PC version was updated to its version.

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