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RDF Badge on the PlayStation 4 trophy "Natsuki Chronicles"

The Rapid Deployment Force (即応連隊 Sokuorentai lit. Immediate Response Regiment), also called RDF (アルディエフ Arudiefu) is an organization from Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles. This is the elite division of Mitsurugi Security Service and like the MSS they respond to Magni Corp.

RDF in Ginga Force[]

The RDF has a very short appearance on Ginga Force right after Chapter 7, when the player fights an FG-G21 Garm piloted by Natsuki Sugiura, after the battle, the player will engage the RDF forces in Seven Tier's orbit throughout Chapter 8.

RDF in Natsuki Chronicles[]

In Natsuki Chronicles, the RDF plays a major role in the game. The player assumes the role of Natsuki Sugiura from her first mission 3 years before the events of Ginga Force, along with flashbacks during the MSS Induction Class where Natsuki met Margaret for the first time and train together. Throughout the game the missions narrate Natsuki's missions up to the failed attempt to capture the Enforcer codenamed "Hound 1" and what happened right after the battle.

Known members[]

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  • Rising Star Games translation of Ginga Force calls it "Rapid Response Regiment". This mistranslation error was repeated not twice, but THRICE, as RSG called them "Rapid Defence Force" on both their Twitter account and the PlayStation Blog article.
  • The initials RDF share a coincidence with the Robotech Defense Force from Robotech.