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The Space Elevator is a stage in both Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles.

Ginga Force[]

After getting the information from Specia, Alex and Margaret make an escape to space through the elevator, engaging the Mitsurugi Security Service's forces as they're tagged as rogue soldiers, successfully evading their enemies as they leave Seven Tier's atmosphere.

However they're intercepted by an FG-G21 Garm piloted by Natsuki Sugiura, member of the Rapid Deployment Force and Margaret's best friend. However, the Enforcer's pilots had no choice but to take her down. As they are out of the elevator and heading into space, Margaret feels sorry for Natsuki, but the future of Seven Tier hangs in the balance.

Natsuki Chronicles[]

In Natsuki Chronicles, the stage is a retake of boss battle with the Garm from Ginga Force, but this time is seen from Natsuki's perspective, but it is revealed that Natsuki survived her fall from the space elevator because Specia took control of Garm as she blacked out.


  • In both games, the Space Elevator stage is the 7th level of the game.
  • While in Ginga Force, the Garm slides down once its been defeated, in Natsuki Chronicles it is seen falling off the elevator's wall.
  • Another contradiction from Natsuki Chronicles can be found in the fact that Garm was shot down entirely rather than being destroyed part by part like in Ginga Force.

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