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The combatant as seen in Natsuki Chronicles.

Simply known as "The combatant", he is a character from Natsuki Chronicles.

He's the eighth boss of the game and the fourth male character. The combatant is one of the RDF pilots who was sent to intercept the rogue Dominator piloted by Natsuki Sugiura, only to be shot down by her.



Obtaining the "Boss Point" during the boss fight.

  • Obtaining the 1 of 1 Boss Point in the Result screen is different from the rest of the bosses of the game. To get the boss point you have to hit The combatant's ship as he moves towards the camera after firing a laser beam while flying vertically. Using the Homing Ring is very helpful to do this.
  • He is the only boss of the game with this curious score mechanic.
  • Mitsuru Watanabe voiced him in the game.
  • The combatant's helmet gives him a slight resemblance to RoboCop from the 80's series of movies of the same name.