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Tini Memoril (ティニー Tinī, pronounced Tee-nee), self-proclaimed Genius Hacker Tini (天才ハカー ティニーさま Tensai Hakā Tinī sama) and Tini the Magnificent, is a character from Ginga Force.

She's the first female antagonist of the game, and the second opponent the player fights with. This 11 year old girl is a genius hacker. She does hackings of data centers and has an exceptional knowledge of computer networks. Other than that, she's normal for her age, and likes all "cute" looking things.

She is the pilot of the CV-A103 Flamingo.


  • Chapter 2 Now Loading Screen
  • 「ギンガフォース」(Ginga Fōsu) (Ginga Force)
  • Random off-voice when Story Mode is selected
  • 「ストーリーモード」(Sutōrī Mōdo) (Story Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Gallery Mode is selected
  • 「ギャラリーモード」(Gararī Mōdo) (Gallery Mode)
  • Random off-voice when Score Attack is selected
  • 「スコアアタック」(Sukoa Atakku) (Score Attack)
  • Random off-voice when Option is selected
  • 「オプション」(Opushon) (Option)



  • Tini is 1,35m tall.
  • In the order of appearance of female characters, she is the third girl of the game.
  • She appears in Natsuki Chronicles in the illustration for the achievement "A High-Scoring Routine" unlocked when the player checks the online rankings of Arcade Mode.
  • Magenta, one of the characters from Natsuki Chronicles, wears the same sleeveless shirt and a yellow tie like her. She is also an expert at hacking computer networks.